Lennie Bryan


Lennie has been married to his wife, Susan, for 36 years, and has 13 children, 4 biological & 9 adopted.  Lennie & Susan were foster parents for nearly 30 years and have been active in child advocacy issues in 5 states in various capacities.  Lennie is currently working with the Education & Financial Ministries.  Lennie is the CFO of Sysco Riverside and Susan stay busy caring for their 4 youngest children still living at home.  Lennie & Susan also have 9 grandchildren.





Mike McCall


Mike has been married to Robin for over 25 years.  Mike has been a member of the Church for the past 30 years.  Mike is currently working with our youth and hopes to bring them closer to the Lord in the activities that they do.



Leonard McKinney


Leonard is married to Melisa and has two daughters, one son-in-law and three grand-kids. Leonard is a licensed masonry contractor, and has 13 years of experience.  Leonard enjoys cycling.  Leonard is currently assigned to the benevolence / visitation ministry.




Kevin Mossiah


Kevin oversees the community service ministry, building and site maintenance and the website committee.




Clifton Williams


Cliff is working with our youth and facilitates their activities.



Lodis Woodmore


Lodis is currently assigned to the areas of benevolence and family development.